Jan Fair’s No-Brainer Brain series of books are based on her monthly columns “A No-Brainer Minute.”  Here is a sample of what people have said about her columns:

“Thanks for your tip of using my opposite hand to eat my food.  The research you talked about said it builds brain cells but also I want you to know it also helped me lose weight.  Tell your readers to do it not just to boost their brain but also because they will eat slower and eat less. Thought you would like to know.”   Sergio G., Michigan

“I know I should exercise more for my brain and heart and loved your idea of walking a couple of laps around the mall when the weather is bad.”   Dr. J.D. S., Nevada

“Used the memory ideas, you suggested in your May and June columns, from Dr. Majid Fortuhi’s Memory Cure book and Dr. Cynthia’s Green’s TotalBrainHealth.com website.   Today I realize I haven’t lost my keys in a week.  Thanks, Jan.”  Dinah H., Texas

“Thanks to your column on Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, my mother who has beginning Alzheimers is getting help.  And I am getting help taking care of her.  Thank you for your suggestion of going to KeepMemoryAlive.org, where there are videos and other ideas to help caregivers like me.”   Karen G., Ohio

“Loved your reminder there are brain benefits in journaling as well as in occasionally writing in long-hand.”   Floranne D., Massachusetts

“Ideas I can do.  I am 76 years old and usually no one can tell me anything.  Except now I listen to Jan and her experts.  Guess it means we can learn at any age.”   Walter G., Great Britain

“Love your recipes always have just a few ingredients and are healthy.  Cinco de Mayo recipes this month were great.”   Joanie C., Colorado

“Your healthy-for-the-brain recipe for spooky FINGER food and orange-is-the-new-black berry smoothy was the hit of our Halloween party.”   Wanda C., Louisiana

“My wife and I like the rooibos tea you suggested.  We like the taste but also that its good for our brains.”   Tuka G., California

“The Brain Calendar idea in your January column is a winner.  It’s now 3 months later and I am still doing it.  Surprised me the pressure I feel to go for a walk just so I can write it in my brain calendar.”   Gerry S., Virginia

“Good information to learn from your column that we should avoid taking antibiotics unless its really necessary and that taking too many antibiotics over the years leads to antibiotic resistance.  I also found it interesting that when I do take antibiotics I should take every pill because when the doctor prescribes antibiotics and I do not take the entire dosage, it only will kill off the weakest germs while leaving the resistant ones.”  Bonnie R., California

“I and my wife Diane look forward to your Mental Minutes brain-games every month.”   Jerry J., New Mexico

“My kids and I love playing The Memory Game you suggested in your column on Rudyard Kipling’s and Disney’s The Jungle Book.”   Sumi A-K., New York

“Everyone in my family absolutely loves your faux ice cream.  It tastes just like real ice cream but it has the added bonus there is no sugar and no dairy.  My grandson likes the chocolate, my grand daughter likes the strawberry, my son and his wife like the banana walnut but my favorite is the blueberry ice cream.  We all can’t believe it is not real ice cream.”   Debbie L., Spain

“We like playing your Mental Minutes brain games around the dinner table when family comes to visit.”   Carolyn D-R., Pennsylvania

“We read in your April column about your Tangram Treasury books and bought all 3.  Even grandma loves doing them along with our 4th grader.”   VaDonna M., Colorado

“Your reminder how important exercise is for our brains and your suggestion for doing couch-potato aerobics led me to move my exercise bicycle out of my garage and next to my couch in front of the tv.  Really works.  Thanks for the idea.”  Barbara L., Nevada