Jan Fair is an educator, writer, consultant, motivational speaker and … a mother and a grandmother.   (And, yes, she has been a performer on the Vegas Strip!)

     Jan is in the process of completing 12 No-Brainer BRAIN GAME eBooks (one for each month) based on her monthly column and featuring her MENTAL MINUTES brain games along with Brain Health Tips.  

     The JUNE eBooks are here and the other 11 eBooks, JULY through MAY, are coming soon.


     In previous years, Jan has published over 40 other books.  And she has written numerous articles for children and adults in magazines and other publications.  

     She was on a team that wrote Prentice Hall’s high school mathematics series which included Algebra I & II, Geometry & Trigonometry.  She also wrote ancillary books including the Teacher’s editions, the Answer Solution Manuals, Computer Connections, Critical Thinking and a handbook on Using the Graphics Calculator (among other books and materials.)


Prentice Hall ALGEBRA 1 -  A High School Algebra ProgramAlgebra I - Title Page19Algebra I - Graphics Calculator33Algebra I - Teacher's Edition 2



     During the two years Jan was ‘multiplying’ (the product was a son & daughter!) she was also writing about ‘multiplying’ (the product was 4-volumes and 1500+ pages!) which became a nationally used diagnostic and prescriptive arithmetic series, Electric Drill, published by Creative Publications.

37Electric Drill IElectric Drill - 4 booksElectric Drill-Decimals38Electric Drill II



     Then she was on a team of authors who wrote a 9-textbook series for Scott Foresman used in classrooms throughout the United States.  This Elementary School Mathematics series included teacher’s manuals, solution manuals, practice worksheets, tests and other ancillary books and materials for Kindergarten through Eighth grade — in English and in Spanish.

28Exploring Math 4 - Spanish53Exploring Math 6 - Author Talk52Exploring Math 5 - Spanish27Exploring Math 3 - Spanish15Exploring Math 654Exploring Math K62Invitacion a las Matematicas50Invitation to Math 5 -Enrich

     Jan Fair also wrote a 3-book series for Hand2Mind (formerly Cuisenaire Publishing) which is still in print.  Tangram Treasury Books A, B & C  focus on one of the oldest puzzles known to man which is said to hark back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) in ancient China and is a wonderful puzzle for exploring geometric and other math concepts.  These books were originally designed for kids but have been used by children of ALL AGES..   (Please see the books in our BOOKSTORE.)

tangram35.23bTangram A (1of3)5.23bTangram B (2of3)5.23bTangram C (3of3)

     Jan also wrote a weekly column in Scholastic Magazine’s DYNAMATH with fun mathematics activities for classrooms.  And she wrote a column in Family Magazine for families with children and teens.


    Jan has traveled to over 50 countries (sometimes giving professional talks … and always sampling the food & wine.)  Her favorite overseas trip was when she spent a month backpacking in Europe with her son, and her favorite stateside trip is EVERY time she flies to New York City to hang out with her daughter.

     When Jan hangs out with her grandchildren, she teaches them to make faces and do Jim Carrie and Lady GaGa imitations among other things.  And, yes, she also plays Mental Minutes brain games with them (as she has done with her children, family, friends, students …  and any one within shouting distance … since 1980.)

IMG_0779 - Version 2FH000001 - Version 2 Steph&JanNYC 4:11 copyMatira&M in Times Square

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