February is a month full of holidays that offer an opportunity for storytelling and brain exercising.   And it’s a great way to practice language skills, reinforce knowledge and look inside ourselves to express thoughts and feelings.   These monologues are not memorized but rather delivered as an improvised talk.

Involve the entire family.   Each person (from 4 to 104) thinks of an idea and then delivers a monologue while others listen.  (Everyone claps LOUD when each person is done.)

Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday:

“My name is Miles and I have a dream that one day … “

Presidents’ Day:

“Welcome to the White House.  My name is George Washington.  Look at my teeth.  They are made of wood …”

Groundhog Day:

“Good golly.  I didn’t know you’d be stopping by.  Oh oh, excuse the mess.  My burrow needs new alfalfa carpet.  And I just woke up and saw that my young’uns had …”