This morning I spoke at the “Sunstrider’s” meeting which the Galleria Mall sponsors monthly for mall walkers.  I had highlighted them in my July  “A Thinkin’ Minute” column in the Vegas Voice (   These folks said they walked because it was good for their physical health and were happy to hear me say it was good for their brain health as well.

We might all learn from these very smart (and getting smarter with each step) walkers.  The mall is a great place to walk … especially in bad weather.  Most have climate controlled environments and open early for walkers.  For example. the Galleria in Henderson opens their back door (by the food court) every day at 6:30am.  They pride themselves on being a community mall and for over twelve years have had this monthly meeting for mall-walkers on the second Wednesday of the month at 9am — complete with free coffee and cinnamon sugar pretzels (yum) donated by Auntie Annes along with prizes and a speaker.  By the way, one lap around the Galleria Mall is 5/8 of a mile when you walk next to the stores and entrances.   And, if you do it in 12 ½ minutes, you’ve walked 3 miles an hour.  Do it four times and you’ve walked 2 1/2 miles.

Just think, we can improve our brain function while we walk, talk and gawk at the latest gadgets and fashion.