[Ages 5 to 105]  Here’s a game that improv comedy troupes use as a warm-up to keep their brains agile.  You and your family can flex your brains playing this fun game.

1. The first player starts by saying a word.

2. Another player says a word which comes next in a sentence.

3. Play continues until the sentence is complete.

(Note: If you want your word to end the sentence, then say “period” after saying your word.)

“I” … “love” … “to” … “eat” … “my” … “socks PERIOD.”

Bonus Round:  Tell a One-Minute Story.  Begin by giving it a title.  Work together to have a beginning, middle and end to the story.

“The title of this story is Vegas Vacationers”   “Amy”…“cruised”…  “Mexico” … “backwards PERIOD.” … “She” …