Many studies have shown that keeping a journal or log is an excellent motivator for maintaining a consistent plan.  So here’s my idea.

Use a 2011 calendar to keep a log all year of what you’ve done for your brain health.  (You can use any calendar with spaces to write, but my personal favorite is a day planner you can buy at  I love it because of it’s beautiful, whimsical hand-drawn images for each day of the year and because it’s a handy 4.25″ x 5.5″ x 1/2″ so I can slip it into my purse.)

As the year progresses, make a note each day of something good you did for your brain in four areas:

1.  EXERCISE (20 minute walk, 20 sit-ups …);

2.  NEW LEARNING (doublecrostic puzzle, Mental Minute List, played harmonica …);

3.  STRESS REDUCTION (meditated 12 minutes; napped 20 minutes, laughed out loud watching sitcom …);

4.  FOOD & SUPPLEMENTS (spinach, blueberries, Omega-3 fish oil …)

I’ve actually done this in the past.  And, personally, I love it at the end of the month when I see my calendar is covered with all the activities I did.  I’ve found I’ll go for walks just so I don’t have a lot of blank squares telling me what I coulda, woulda, shoulda done.

Let’s all make our number one New Year’s Resolution that, in each and every day in 2011, we will be good to our brains.