[Ages 2 to 102.]   Are you at the airport, train station, bus depot and other locations full of people?   These brain games will help wile away the waiting time.  Do them alone or with your traveling companions of any age.

Look around … and start counting.  How many people have on hats, caps and/or visors?  Count bald heads.  Count kids, carts, carry-ons and the cacophony of customers catnapping.

Or … pick a COLOR and take turns counting items you see.  (“That lady’s red purse is ONE”, “That red pen is TWO” “THREE is that cup with red writing”,  “FOUR is…”)

Still have to wait longer for that plane, train, bus or camel?  Count a DIFFERENT COLOR and then decide which color was easier to find.

[Note that counting is a good way to exercise your brain.  At its most basic level, counting involves keeping track.  Good bridge and other card players will attest to the value of counting.  And mathematicians will tell you it improves one’s problem-solving skills of estimating and predicting.]