Let’s not rot our brains as Weird Al Yankovic warns in his song “Couch Potato” (“… I love shows with or without a plot; I’ll stare ’til my legs are numb, my eyes bloodshot; Because I only have got; One brain to rot; I’m gonna spend my life watching television a lot.”)   So when your family is watching television together, during the first commercial try this.

One person names an exercise everyone does ONCE.  After it’s done, another person names a different exercise to be done TWICE.  This continues, each time adding a repetition, until the regular show comes back on.  (“March around the couch ONCE.”  “Stand up and sit down TWICE.”  “Touch your toes THREE times.”   …)

During succeeding commercials, see if you can remember the routine and do it again.

On a different day, work backwards from ten.  (“Do TEN jumping jacks.”  “Lift this can of beans NINE times” …)