Meet Jan

Jan is a writer, speaker, consultant … and a grandmother.  She has authored numerous books for all ages, many have been for children, parents and teachers.  Over the past twenty-five years, Jan has also written numerous magazine and newspaper articles … not to mention poems, songs, plays, comedy sketches, screen plays, short stories, a novel and children’s stories.   And then there’s those “Thinkin’ Minutes” to help us all (from age 2 to 102) to exercise our brains.  Check out her column, “A Thinkin’ Minute,” in The Vegas Voice.   (

Jan has traveled to over 50 countries (sometimes giving talks, but mostly sampling the food and wine.)  Her favorite overseas trip was when she spent a month backpacking in Europe with her son.  And, her favorite stateside trip is EVERY time she flies to New York City to hang-out with her daughter or flies to Portland, Oregon to hang-out with her two grandchildren.   (She’s teaching them to make faces and do Jim Carrey and Lady GaGa imitations.  And, yes, she’s also teaching them thinking games.)


Don’t worry.  Jan’s not really taking your picture.  She just wants to know about YOU.  So please fill out YOUR contact information below and she’ll email you when she’s posted her next blog and/or video and written her next book.     Or, you can always email her at